Finagraph Academy

Go Beyond the Expected

Finagraph Academy empowers bankers to build sustainable client relationships, while enabling business owners to understand their financials and grow their company - one inspired idea at a time.

Go Beyond the Classroom

Your time is valuable. You need access to the tools that make you better, when you need them. Finagraph Academy delivers the very best in technology to give you 24/7 access to the information you need on the go.

Go Beyond the Norm

Practice is the path to greatness in any profession. Our four-step process to learning provides meaningful on-the-job practice opportunities, ignites inspiration, uses social networking to harness the power of connection, and emboldens you with meaningful coaching feedback. You'll learn not just from your own experiences, but also those of your coach and peers.

Go Beyond the Transaction

Finagraph Academy delivers powerful content refined throughout our 30+ years of experience educating business owners and bankers. You need access to information that helps you understand a company on a deeper level. Gain tools, practice the skills and see results.